Capture from Apple Mail to DTTG3

Can I capture an email from Apple Mail on iPadOS 14.4?

Yes. Just drag & drop from mail to DTTG3

And using a split screen to do this :point_up_2: is definitely the easiest way to do this.

Open DTTG3 beside Apple Mail and drag the email from Mail over to DTTG3 and bingo! It works nicely.

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Indeed it does. :slight_smile:

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If you’ve only got access to an iOS device, that’s true I guess.

But if you happen to have DT as well, you can use mail rules in macOS to automatically import mails into DT and as a bonus you can simultaneously add a hyperlink to the corresponding email in Mail with this script @BLUEFROG kindly created:

The beauty of that script is that the links to those e-mails also work in iOS or iPadOS Mail as long as you setup the same mail account you use on macOS on those iOS devices.

So when I now receive an e-mail, it is automatically imported into DT, and when I want to reply to that mail I can simply click the hyperlink to open that specific email on any device using either iOS Mail or macOS Mail.


Dragging and dropping emails from Mail to DTTG3 on the iPad also creates a hyperlink back to the dragged email.

Actually, drag and drop from Apple Mail into DEVONthink To Go will import a copy of the email.

I was referencing Solar-Glare’s comment that the AppleScript on the desktop to import Mails had a bonus of creating a backlink, so I was clarifying that D&D on the iPad also had this “bonus” in addition to importing a copy of the email.

Got it.

Right, the word ‘bonus’ is indeed confusing as a link is also created with drag and drop. I’ll strike through the word bonus in that reply.

I mentioned mail rules as dragging and dropping on an iOS device isn’t automatic obviously. That can be achieved with the mail rule and the script creates a link that apparently also works on iOS devices.