"Capture Image" from URL Command?

How can I import an image from a URL using URL Commands, as an image file rather than formatted note or Web Archive - so it’s actually stored as a JPG file for example?

I’m calling URL commands from a database app so I can automate the archiving of a web page (as a web archive and as a PDF - and that works fine…) but I also want to import an image file from a URL that is known… so I have the URL of the actual image file on the remote server, but can’t seem to use a URL command to save the image file itself… (for example, if you save a page as a ‘Web Archive’ then right click on an image in the web archive and choose “Capture Image” from the context menu, it’ll save the JPG file…
I need to be able to view the original image and its metadata without any conversion.

Thanks in advance!


There isn’t such an option to capture an image in DEVONthink’s URL scheme.

I’m calling URL commands from a database app

What database app ?

Im using Ninox… but it doesn’t support JavaScript, or AppleScript… sadly.

Capturing a web archive should actually store the raw file in case of URLs not returning HTML but e.g.images, due to a bug this doesn’t work. Next release will fix this.

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