Capture payable information from scanned bill via script

Hi all,

somewhat new to Devonthink and I’m finding some ways of putting it to use and automating workflows. I was wondering if anyone has developed any script magic to scrape information from bills that get scanned or downloaded into the inbox? Ideally, I’d like to grab Amount, Payee, Due Date from a small set of payees.

Any tips/tricks/magic out there? I’ll continue to look…



Is it possible? Sure. However, coming up with an all-in-one solution is not an easy thing to do (and writing endless error-traps / if-then statements is less than ideal).
Also, what use would the scraped information be ? Tags on a file? Spotlight comments? :question:

What do you want to do with the data? You might look into Hazel if you want to add data to a file name or add OS X tags. Do a search here on “Hazel” for further discussions.

Thanks guys - I have started building a workflow using a mix of hazel, python, applescript and wunderlist to parse and create to-dos. Probably not worth the investment of time, but fun nonetheless.

The “fun” is the payoff sometimes. (And it does sound like fun! :smiley: )

If you use a ScanSnap you could highlight the appr. parts of the document with a text marker and let ScanSnap Manager turn it into keywords.