"capture" via applescript


my scenario would be, to add a bookmark in a specified group then via a triggered applescript have in inbox a pdf formatted with instapaper, but i can’t find a command to convert an url to pdf (formatted).

so an alternative would be to have in input a webarchive (formatted) instead of bookmark, but again i can’t find an applescript command associated with the “capture” item menu.
any idea?


Check the Script icon menu > More Scripts. There are additional scripts available to convert Bookmarks to PDF or Web Archives. However, note they do not support conversion via Instapaper.

That’s it, i can convert bookmark to pdf/webarchive (without instapaper), but not webarchive to pdf, at least not by applescript.
Is strange because there are an item menu for that…Or i miss something?

The Script icon menu is only available in DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office.


i have DT pro office.

what i mean is that seems do not exist an applescript command to capture/convert a webarchive to a pdf file.

It’s create web document from and create pdf document from in the Applescript dictionary.