Capture webpage as a formatted note in DTTG

The share sheet supports web archives and Markdown as capture options for URLs. I prefer to capture webpages as formatted notes, but this option is not supported. Moreover, conversion from Markdown, HTML, and web archives to formatted notes does not work in DTTG. So, conversion of web archives to formatted notes needs to wait until I’m back at my laptop with DTPO.

May I request the addition of formatted notes as a capture option for bookmarks in the DTTG clipper?


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We might add more conversion options in the future.

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I prefer (clutter free!!) formatted notes over Markdown or Webarchive, too. The reason is:

  1. In markdown, images are referred to the original source; they are not included in the item.
  2. Webarchives cannot be edited in DTTG.

My (iPad first) workflow (on Mac) is to save as a clutter free formatted note to (global) inbox and then remove any (hero) images from a page and only keep relevent images to shrink the item as much as possible. The purpose is to keep the database a small as possible. Images fill up space quickly!

Without this in DTTG, I need an additional step on a Mac, and I can’t fully rely on DTTG only.