Capture with internal browser

When I use the DTTG internal browser (running on iPad) and tap and hold on a web page, I get a context menu with options to Copy and to Capture. When I choose Capture, all I get is a new entry with current date and time in the Global Inbox of DTTG. The record itself, however, is empty, no matter how much or how little I select before the tap and hold. The URL of that page is also not shown in the metadata.

Am I doing something wrong?


Please file a bug report for this issue. We will look into why this functionality is not operating correctly.

Has there been any progress with this? I’m having the same issue in August 2011!

I’ve taken over development of DTTG, but unfortunately had not come across this issue yet. I’ve made a note of it and will take a look as soon as I can.

Many developers continuously add new features and improvements to their apps and bring out new versions like clock work. I am sad to say that the DTTG developers are not among them. Lots of promises but no improvements. I have given up on DTTG for now :frowning: