Capturing articles from / Images not visible

I am trying to capture this article here:

Unfortunately images are not being shown in the captured html document (or webarchive document).

I have experimented with settings: Turn on/off these settings

  • javascript
  • Show images
  • Animate images

Nothing seems to help.

What am I missing?

I didn’t do any messing around testing options or changing settings. In Safari, Menu: File/Print, picked “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3” and worked just fine.

I can’t confirm that (DT 3.6.1 on Mac OS 11.2, capturing with DT’s extension to Firefox as HTML). The images are there:

The same outcome with Safari and it’s “Share to DT3”.

However, the original is full of JavaScript that is loaded from all over the net. As I already said elsewhere: If you want to capture HTML pages for archiving, you’re better off with PDF.