Capturing NYT -- An Issue

I’m a subscriber of the New York Times and in navigating NYT bookmarks within DTPro Office, I’m able to login and be kept log in. However, I have this odd issue where I am suddenly can’t capture NYT articles in Rich Text or Formatted Note format, even though I am able to capture it in WebArchive format.

When capturing it in Rich Text, Formatted Note, or PDF format, the result is the file created has text that says I’ve ran out of free articles (which means DTPro wasn’t logged in to NYT, but the odd thing is I can navigate NYT as a subscriber in NYT!)


New York Times has significant paywalls that change frequently to protect its content. I’ve never been able to maintain a login at with DEVONthink.

IMO, your best bet to capture content is to browse in Safari (or Chrome) and use the DEVONthink clipper tool. Or, use DEVONthink’s Share extension, which doesn’t natter you with Safari’s “do you want to open DEVONthink” warnings.

Thanks for the tips. In fact, I have been using the DEVONthink clipper tool in Safari (and Chrome), but when I choose anything other than Webarchive, the page that is downloaded indicates that I need to login.

Could you help me troubleshoot this part?

I’ll try the Share Extension and report back.

OK, I just tried the Share Extension “Add to DEVONthink” and it reproduces the same problem: the page produced in DEVONthink has the login issue.

(See image)

Any assistance?

So any ideas about this issue that I’m facing?


There are several possible workarounds, e.g. you could capture a plain or rich text note (see Services menu), print a PDF to DEVONthink, save a web archive to the global inbox or use DEVONagent Pro.

OK, I know all these methods except am less sure of DEVONagent Pro (which I do actually have).

In DEVONagent Pro, I’m also logged in to NYT – i.e., I can browse through NYT no problems and see that I am logged in to my account. But I experience the same problem. I go to the Action menu, and use “Clip to DEVONthink”, or use Formatted Note and I have that login issue.

So is this a bug?

Or, perhaps to create Formatted Note, the request has to be routed to DT servers (which obviously are not logged in to NYT)?

Instead of Clip to DEVONthink just choose the desired format in the Data menu, e.g. Data > Add to DEVONthink > PDF (Paginated). Markdown & formatted notes won’t work though as that’s handled by our servers (Markdown) or DEVONthink (formatted notes).

OK, helpful to know that Markdown needs to go through DT servers.

It’s odd that even though I am logged in to NYT on DTPro Office, Formatted Note doesn’t work (i.e., what it captures is the text about me having run out of free articles and need to log in). I guess perhaps Formatted Note is not reading some DTPro Office cookies correctly or is using an engine that is not connected to DTPro Office’s web browser.


While I can capture in the other formats, Formatted Note seems the cleanest in general (and small in size).

How did you capture the formatted note in DEVONthink? Via Data > Capture > Formatted Note, the action menu of the navigation bar or the contextual menu of the web page? This should actually work.

AHA! Ok, your method does work! Ok, this is good. :smiley:

Now, my question is how can I easily browse within DEVONthink so I can capture NYT articles easily without that login issue? Links that I click on will take me to my default browser.

So say I’m in Safari and browsed to an article I want to save in DT, but knowing that I’ll have that login issue again if I used Formatted Note, I’d want to in that page in DT and then directly capture it within DT. How to do that easily without having to re-navigate the breadcrumb without DT?

You could use Clip to DEVONthink, choose the format “Bookmark” and add the link that way to the inbox. Afterwards you can view & capture the link(s) in DEVONthink.

I am trying to find a similar way to clip to devonthink (any format that is) from Safari on login protected pages.

So far the only workarounds I found was:

  1. Bookmark, open the bookmark in DT, login, clip
  2. Print as PDF -> Import into DT
  3. Open in DEVONagent, clip

I’m guessing it wouldn’t be trivial to use the Safari session in DT, or let the extension do the heavy lifting within Safari before sending to DT?

You can also save a web archive in the inbox folder or use the take rich note service.

It’s actually even impossible (well, at least without hacks) due to restrictions of extensions and of sandboxing/security.

Thanks for the answer!
Both Rich Note and Web Archive give me the login page of the services I tried. Am I doing something wrong? I am using the normal DEVONthink Safari extension

The Take Rich Note service is available in the Services menu and a web archive can be saved to the inbox folder via File > Save As… in Safari.