Capturing PDF problem … mirror image

This is a very simple question and I am sure has a simple answer. So … I select “capture PDF” and I get a PDF that is the mirror image of the html. So what am I doing wrong? I need to convert to PDF as document. Am I using the wrong option?

What do you mean by ‘mirror image’?

There are two options to capture an HTML page as PDF, as one-page (unpaginated), or as paginated (using the page dimensions set for your printer).

Just discovered the option to capture PDFs from html which is already saved on my disk.
This is very useful.
But I can’t find where to choose between “paginated” or “non-paginated”. When I capture a page, it always comes out as one long PDF (-strip). I would prefer to have it broken down to the page format of my printer. Where or how can I do this?
(The manual says as well: “PDF: ‘Freezes’ the web page, just like printing to paper. PDFs from Web pages can be paginated or non-paginated.” but does not give more information.)

Only “Clip to DEVONthink” supports currently pagination but the next release will improve this.

ok thanks for the swift answer! Is there a beta in which this works already? I am thinking about transferring all my archive to DT (including various file types), and thus would like to convert everything to (paginated) PDF. Being able to do this already would be excellent.

The PDF filetype isn’t as efficient in file size as some others, and is a poor choice if editing might be needed.

that’s right, Bill. But on the other hand, it achieves some standardisation within my database, where 80% of the documents are PDF anyways. Could be helpful for a possible export later on as well. I just would have to split them up in paginated PDFs somehow to assure printability.