Capturing Slack threads?

I was wondering if anyone has any tools or tricks for capturing Slack threads and storing them in DevonThink?

I’ve got a couple of things I use at the moment, but the first doesn’t work for threads and the second is a bit manual:

  1. I use a Zapier integration/rule setup where if I save a post in Slack it automatically gets sent to OmniFocus. I generally do this if a post involves some action I need to take. I then have another script in Omnifocus which will transfer a task into DevonThink as a new item or bookmark.

  2. For capturing threads I currently use CleanShot to do a scrolling capture and then put the image in DevonThink. Once there I convert it to a searchable PDF.

I’m wondering if I can somehow automate a bit more of the image → DevonThink → searchable PDF conversion part.

Even better does someone have a bookmarklet or something which can save a slack thread in some more direct format?

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