capturing web links as html pages

I use both devonagent and devonthink. Devonagent is our research tool, and we arhcive all of the links that are retreived. When the search is complete, the links are also automatically added to devonthink databases, depending on the subject.

Currently, when we click on a link in a devonthink database, the page must download from a website for us to view it. So we are storing links in the database. We want to keep these pages for a prolonged period of time, and we are at risk because weblinks can go away. Therefore our goal for devonthink is to capute the actual html page so that we can view the page without downloading the link.

This has been a tough task. Does anyone in the forum have any insight on how we can accomplish this?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

analyst, if you are downloading links only (zero bytes of text content) it is true that you would have to be online and the “pointed to” page would have to be available on the Web.

But DEVONagent normally downloads pages (HTML source, without images) and that’s the file format I normally transfer to DT Pro. In this case, even if a Web page is no longer available on the Internet, you will still be able to read the text.

My guess is that you are actually looking at HTML files (not just links) received from DEVONagent. To check this out, open a document’s Info panel and look at Kind.

DEVONagent can also send over WebArchives to your DT Pro database. A WebArchive contains images as well as text and can be viewed fully, even after a page has been removed from the Web.

It’s easy to send selected pages from DEVONagent to your DT Pro database. Just select them and choose Data > Add to DEVONthink > Web Archive.