Capturing Web Pages as Clutter Free PDFs triggers Google Safe Browsing Warning?

I’m admitting defeat on this one. I can clip Web pages as PDF straight to DT3, unless I have the clutter free option checked, then I get a“ connection not secure ” warning and no PDF. I have tried with numerous sites, all have correct SSL certs.

Any ideas?

Did you clip this from one of Google’s websites?

And how exactly do you clip it? And could you share the page’s URL with us, maybe?

And are you clipping in macOS 10.15 Catalina or an earlier OS?

Nope, however this one is clipped from here:

However, I have have tried numerous sites. The only sites I clip from are academic journals that only provide html articles, and don’t generate their own PDFs.

I’m using macOS 10.15 Catalina, DT 3.0.1

I have tried clipping from both Firefox and Safari. Using the browser extension , I select format ‘pdf’ and check the ‘clutter-free’ option. Note, without clutter-free checked there is no problem.

Thank you, we’ll have a look.

I’ve worked out it is to do with my network. I use a Synology RT2600ac router, which has a fierwall using the Google Safe Browsing database. I disabled the firewall, and the problem goes away. As to why the marky service IP was getting caught, I couldn’t say. But I can add an exception and it works fine.

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Ah, that explains it. Thank you very much for investigating!