Capturing webpages

Hi all,

In my daily traversing of the internet, I frequently find articles on webpages that I would like to keep for posterity. Many of these pages include photos and graphics that I’d like to include in my capture, but not all of the advertisements and stuff that may be on either side of the articles. What is the best way to capture articles of this sort? I’ve tried doing a selection of the data, but it doesn’t grab the photos, etc. Capturing pretty much any other way that I can think of (pdf, archive, HTML) all grab the superfluous stuff, that I don’t want.

I’ve also tried to capture pages that have rollover information, on them, and that really gets screwed up. Here’s an example page ( - how would you capture these, and keep the rollover functionality? I’ve tried an archive but does weird stuff with the page.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


If you are using Safari or DEVONagent you can select all or a portion of a page and press Command-) to capture the selected area as rich text (complete with images and links), or press Command-% to capture the selected area as a WebArchive.

I made a WebArchive capture of the page for which you provided a URL. The rollovers work even when I turn off AirPort.

Note: As these captures involve OS X Services, they don’t work in Firefox.

AWESOME!!! :exclamation:

This is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t know how I’ve missed this information, as I’ve poured through all kinds of documents looking for just this.

Thanks Bill! :smiley: