Capturing website as pdf


I wanted to capture a Webseite but unfortunately the pdf result is not the same content as that was displayed.

On the website I clicked on “the tab” Produktdetails (product details) and then in the DT Sorter on Safari as one page PDF. As a result I don’t get the tab Produktdetails but the first tab “Vorteile”.
I thought that the displayed site is being converted to PDF or what’s behind this ?

Here is the site:

Are you using the browser extension button in Safari’s toolbar?

No, I meant I am using the safari functionality within the sorter.

What OS are you running?

I’m not seeing any issue here.

I am running latest Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76).
You are able to capture the product details ?
I just can capture them when I enable the clutter free option (but then other things are missing)

You are able to capture the product details ?


Did you use the latest internal build?

Another option would be to grab the page using the command line tool wkhtmltopdf (install with homebrew).