Capturing website with Chrome extension as PDF

I’m using the Google Chrome Extension (Clip to DEVONthink) and it works like a charm on most website. Unfortunately within the last weeks I’m stumbling over more and more website where I find the cookie notification within the PDF. I already accepted the cookie information, but I guess the PDF capturing starts a new session.
It would be nice to have an option to “auto” accept cookie popups.

It happens for example on this website: Sourdough Naan

Do you use paginated PDF documents? Then you could also print the webpage to DEVONthink.

no. PDF (one page).

How do you guys capture websites properly? I guess every single website has the annoying cookie banner…

I load it in the DT3 view (with the circular arrow), confirm the cookie settings and then convert it to Markdown/PDF/whatever using the cog (is that the right word here?) next to the circular arrow.

Yep. Cog or gear both make sense :slight_smile:

As soon as I accept a cookie I’m loosing the DT3 view in Chrome?!
Can you please help me achieve that. Thanks in advance.