Cause of lost database? Also, New inbox item.

A few times in the past, the files in my databases and my global inbox are deleted, and I’m curious to know if anyone may have an idea what causes this? It seems to happen randomly. Also, I know the developers are working hard with DTTG2, but by all that’s holy, please fix the “Create New Inbox Item” menu on the iPad. When you hold it in portrait mode, the menu is partially covered by the items on the left. Causes me to have an unreasonable sperg rage.

I don’t see that behavior here. When creating a new inbox item in portrait mode, the sidebar disappears.

In landscape mode, the sidebar remains and the create new item menu appears over the sidebar.

It might be worthwhile to open a Support Ticket and attach the screen shot, describe your iPad version, iOS version, etc. to help troubleshoot the issue.

Interesting. Thanks for posting your screenshot.

Ok, after doing some playing around, it seems the sidebar is removable by sliding it back to the left, or tapping away from it. It doesn’t do it automatically when a new inbox item is created, but it’s some knowledge for now.