Change background of PDF for Dark Mode

I like Dark Mode and I enjoy reading and annotating my PDFs in DT3.
Unfortunately, the bright white background of my PDFs creates a huge contrast to the rest of Dark Mode.

In Acrobat Reader, it’s possible to change background and text color (under Preferences -> Accessibility).

I’d be more than happy to see this option in DT3 as well.
Thanks for considering :slight_smile:

Decide for yourself what’s easier for your eyes …


I’d easily say the first is much easier on the eyes. Legibility and silhouette recognition suffers in the second example due to the lack of contrast.

I agree, it is very subjective to decide what is easy on the eyes. Some people like to watch TV in a completely dark room, others not.

My suggestion was to give the user the choice how a PDF should be displayed. If you want to maximize contrast, you may read it in yellow on black background. The black font on light gray background in my first post was just one example of many possible variations.

Thank you again for considering my feature request.

In Acrobat Reader, it’s possible to change background and text color (under Preferences → Accessibility).

The request is noted, but always be aware of what Adobe does. They do a great many things with PDFs and PDF presentation that are specific to them. This does not mean these options are available to or easily implemented by other developers. Look at other PDF applications, like Preview and Skim, and you’ll notice they don’t offer the option you mention.

Thank you for your quick response and for noting the request.

Maybe Ben Byram-Wigfield’s PDFsuite may be helpful:

He writes the PDFsuite may be used to apply Quartz Filters to PDFs.

As Preview and Skim do not offer this feature, it might be something special for DT3.

Very interesting. And I :heart: this…

No additional libraries or dependencies are required.

Our general style, for sure!

The free macos pdf reader Negative allows inversion of colors in pdf documents:

Due to the limitations of macOS’ PDFKit framework the Dark mode appearance is up to Apple, it’s not possible to customize the rendering.

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Sure, I understand these limitations.

Hello, but I found that on Marginnote3(macOS version), the background color of PDF documents can be changed(as attached screenshoot).
(PDF in different color, and it also works in scanned document)

Are there any updates on this subject that the Devon Tech team can share?

Nothing to report at this time.

Hello, I find there is “Use Dark Background” in DEVONthink To Go PDF View, but it seems that DEVONthink still doesn’t have this function. Will it be added?

DEVONthink To Go uses a different PDF framework than DEVONthink, so the option isn’t available on the Mac at this time.

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