Change behavior of making backup inside the database

I would like to see the option of possibility of having a backup where devonthink asks me where to have the backup ,maybe some other folder or external disk ?

Right now it creates the backup automatically INSIDE the database itself which is quite confusing a lot number of times to newbie like me who don’t know where to look for the backup

The internal backup remains useful and can often help solve a problem.

But those internal backups only hold information about the state of the database, including structure and metadata. They do not back up the document files. And they are on the same hard drive as is the database.

A good backup strategy should contemplate contingencies such as the possibility of a hard drive crash. Backups should also be done with reasonable frequency. I use Time Machine for those reasons.

I also use Scripts > Export > Backup Archive, which is included with DT Pro and DT Pro Office. This produces the smallest possible compressed and dated complete backup file. This covers contingencies such as theft or a house fire, that would result in loss of my computers and Time Machine backups. Periodically I copy current archives to DVD discs and store them at my bank. That’s consistent with my motto: Belt AND suspenders!

I did see that option but the zip file which is produced , I don’t know how to import that file now.

Could you tell me how do I restore that ?

Just double-click on the zipped archive file and there’s a complete copy of your database, lacking only any internal backups (which will be created, however, after the database is put into use).