Change color of inline code in markdown

Hello! I’m fairly new to markdown, but I was hoping for a way to make my inline code have a different color background. That is, when something is surrounded in backticks, I’d like the background for those words to be grey (e.g., foo). In my markdown files the background for inline code just looks white like everything else. Searching around, I found the following post, and others like it:

It seems like the idea is to create a style sheet that is then used by any markdown file you create in Devonthink. But I think advice like this relates to Devonthink 3, and I am using version 2.11.3. Is what I’d like to do possible in my version?

Thank you!

Welcome @mfatigati

Note; DEVONthink 2.x has been out of development for a long time and will not be updated. We strongly encourage you (and others) to move to DEVONthink 3, sooner rather than later. This is especially true if you migrate to an operating system later than macOS Mojave.

Regarding the Markdown styling, one option is to create an external .css file and set it as the default stylesheet in DEVONthink 2’s Preferences > Web > Style Sheet.

Ah, so cool! Thank you, that works.

Yes, I’d like to upgrade soon, but this helps for now :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: