Change color of multiple tags at once

it would be great to be able to change the color of multiple tags at once. thanks!

If icon color was a property of a record - specified in an RGB array, - it could be AppleScripted , @cgrunenberg

/ducks and runs

The Info inspector/popover of the next release will support this.

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great news! also what are the chances that tags could have geolocation data, too? i know groups can, which is great, but hoping for tags. and - last thing - wondering whether there are any plans to support us counties w/in geolocation data. i think right now its cities, which is great, but hoping for counties eventually. thanks!

adding another tag request here - would be great to be able to sort by how many documents each tag includes

You already can convert geolocation data to Tags.

And Data > Tags > Convert geolocation to tags yields this…

These things are covered in the built-in Help.

no, i mean the opposite - include geolocation in the metadata of a tag, not create a tag out of a docs geolocation data. so in other words, if i have a tag that says “san francisco, california” i’d like to be able to enter geolocation data on that tag.

Did you try to enter the geolocation in the Info inspector on your own?


No, it’s not possible to enter geolocation data for an ordinary Tag.

Just wondering but isn’t that redundant? What’s the use case?