Change default Browser?

Devonthink opens all of my bookmarks

  1. withink devonthink
  2. with what it calls my “default browser” (safari), which it’s not.

Is there any way to change DevonThink’s “default browser”? My system-wide default is certainly not safari. I just want the damned thing to open in chrome without having to right click, scroll down bs. You know, user-friendly.

Anyone else have this problem?

Devonthink 2.1.0 Macos 10.13.5

Double-clicking, Cmd-O or Data > Open open bookmarks internally but Cmd-Shift-O (see Data > Open With) or the “Open externally” toolbar item should use the default application. What’s the default application for .webloc files on your computer?

Wow, thanks.

Default for devloc was Safari. And it’s extremely hard to change the default on webloc files, something I’ve never encountered before. I really want to like devonthink, but it’s things like this that make it difficult for me. If I wanted to be going to forums and then stackexchange for questions on how to change what should be intuitive, I feel like I might as well learn emacs or something. Just venting, but… damn.

I’m still unable to click and always open in chrome, but at least my keyboard shortcut will now default to chrome.

Anyway, if anyone bumps into this thread, this is how I did it.

  1. First, feel free to try the stackexchange work-around (all gui, no fuss) which didn’t work for me.
  2. What worked for me basically came from the site below.
    a. Make Chrome or Firefox your default browser (it probably all ready is if you’re in this thread).
    b. Get duti (go to link or if you have homebrew…)
    brew install duti

confirm that webloc is annoying

duti -x webloc

confirm that html is not opening w/safari

duti -x html

use the com.* app name to change webloc

duti -s .webloc all

confirm change

duti -x webloc

that should take care of webloc

I’m not sure what this issue has to do with DEVONthink. The system default application is a system specified behavior, not ours.

Thanks for the help in pointing me towards webloc. I was looking in the wrong spot and didn’t even know it.
That being said, maybe I could give you a pointer or two.
Accept a little responsibility for the application that you made. Engaging in deflection just doesn’t become one. I obviously know all about the system default app now, right? ‘not ours’ is a little unnecessary. Flatter the customer, if even just a little. Great idea! We’ll look into that.
or even We’re really busy working on x but will try to look into in-program changing of the default behavior in the future. Thanks for your input.
You would explicitly say the same thing that you’ve her made implicit (that the app doesn’t offer that), but in less of a brusque and defensive manner.

I was a frustrated customer. As a specialist, it’s your job to let a frustration or two fall by the wayside, not take offense and jab back at customers. I hope you don’t take offense to this post, I really don’t. If you take nothing away from this, I hope you enjoy your day.

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Apologies if my response seemed brusque. I was just confused as to how this related to DEVONthink’s operations / behavior.
Thanks. You have a great day and weekend as well! :smiley: