Change font size in RSS feed

Is it possible to change the font size for RSS feeds in DTTG?

The styling is set by Preferences > RSS > Feed Style Sheet. You can create, use, or modify and put them in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Stylesheets.

(Sorry, this is for DEVONthink on the Mac.)

User asks about DEVONthink To Go.

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Currently there is no user-definable RSS styling in DEVONthink To Go.


Ok, thanks Jim. Hopefully this is on the roadmap. Even just the option to increase the size of text would be great, styles would be fantastic :wink:


Thanks @pete31

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Is it even possible to add rss feeds in DTTG?

You can add them in DEVONthink for Mac and they will sync with iOS version. You have to have the Mac version but if you don’t have it already what’s wrong with you :wink:

I keep feeds in a separate database and use DTPro’s automation tools to add them to my Instapaper account for sending to kindle. I read them in DT on Mac and iOS too.

They are very useful in DT as they can be incorporated easily into my Zettelkasten using a bit more automation. A separate RSS reader doesn’t have these advantages and it’s great to leverage info from RSS, web clips and documents all in one system.

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Thanks for the info!

I guess a lot has been going wrong with me as I replaced my MBP with an iPad Pro…

Can you please explain your workflow/automation. I have several hundreds of linked notes. I’m exploring new ways to improve my workflow. Thanks.

My markdown notes are stored in a Dropbox folder called Zettelkasten indexed by DEVONthink. New notes on specific items in DT (documents, web clips etc.) are created using a customised version of DEVONthink To Go Zettelkasten Automation with Shortcuts by Curtis McHale.

If I wish to create a new text zettel from scratch I use a Drafts action to create a new file/note which it tags with zettel and forms the basis of a workspace in Drafts. The action also adds front matter as in the previous automation and uses the same same naming convention [[date|%Y%d%m%H%M%S]] before and DT indexes the file and strips away the redundant zettel tag on import using a smart rule. I use Drafts as a scratchpad only.

I have Obsidian installed on my Mac which points to the indexed Dropbox folder and I can use its features to visualise the entire zettelkasten.

On iOS I use 1Writer to point to the same folder, and it allows for the creation of wiki links between notes, which of course work inside DT too.

I have found this system expands my use of DT as a research tool as my zettelkasten are all stored on the app with links preserved, to other zettel and to reference documents.

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Thanks for the details. Definitely will dig in to this.

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is your " customised version of DEVONthink To Go Zettelkasten Automation with Shortcuts" shareable? TIA

Hi @amelchi

It’s currently broken and I haven’t tried to fix it yet or looked into why it’s not working. Possibly the upgrade to DTTG 3.0 means a new callback url is required but that’s just an uneducated guess. I made other changes to it so that could be the cause too. When I get a chance to fix it I’ll share. I’m guessing I will need DM it somehow rather than post to the forum.