Change location of scripts folder

Is there a way to select a different folder to store my scripts?

I want to use FastScripts to trigger scripts, and it only searches certain folders.


I tried this and it worked: moved Scripts to ~/Documents, made a symlink of the parent Scripts folder and put the symlink back into the original Scripts location (making sure it was just named “Scripts”). Scripts > Update Scripts Menu. Deleted and re-installed a script using Support Assistant, which modified ~/Documents/Scripts (and the symlink Scripts) as desired. IOW, working like OS X should work.

I imagine this is unsupported and could break – perhaps you’d want to undo this arrangment before you upgrade a DEVONthink version and then redo it – but so far all is well. For FastScripts, of course, you’d do the above move+symlink into a standard folder that FastScripts watches.