Change name of Bonjour sync Location to iPhone and iPad

I have DT on MacBook (DT Server) and DTTG on iPhone and iPad (Clients).

All Databases are shown as “Local” in Settings. Syncing databases is no problem at all.

However, DevonThink / Settings / Sync / Locations - both iPhone and iPad are shown as “mobile@localhost Local Network”.

What I would like to do Is change the name of the Bonjour sync Location to iPhone and iPad respectively. Is this possible?

No you can’t change the Bonjour name yourself.
The name is derived from the HostUser. Development would have to comment on why it’s not using the HostName.

The larger question is: Why do you have Bonjour enabled on the mobile devices?

Because to Sync between Macbook and iPhone / iPad I was under the impression Bonjour had to be enabled on both Server and Client. Is that incorrect?

Yes, that is incorrect. You will find no such instruction in the documentation for DEVONthink nor DEVONthink To Go.

There is also a forum post I wrote specifically about Bonjour: Bonjour Simplified


Thanks. I’d better take a look.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: