change page margins

Is there a way to change the page margins used when you print RTF documents? I find the default margins (approx 1.5") way too large and would love to reduce them.

No, that’s not possible. The only workaround is to print the document with a third-party software.

Thanks for confirming. It’s unfortunate to have to use another application just to print, but at least its a workaround.

Would adjustable print margins be a possibility for a future feature?

Definitely possible but not in the near future as other projects have a much higher priority at the moment.

I don’t print RTF documents often, but when I do Pages has done a nice job for me. Margins are adjustable, unlike in DEVONthink or TextEdit.

Good idea. I’ve been using Mellel as my “print engine” for DevonThink. Mellel lets you create sets of commonly used page margins (e.g. I have one for narrow margins, and another with extra space on the left for 3-ring binders.)

See if this works:

  • Select a document that you want to print
  • Select File>Print (or hit Cmd-P)
  • If your print dialog is small and has a button labeled Show Details, click it to expand the print dialog & show more options
  • Click the Paper Size dropdown
  • Select Manage Custom Sizes… from the list
  • In the Custom Paper Sizes that appears, click the + button to add a new entry. It will be named Untitled.
  • With the new Untitled entry selected, hit Enter and type a meaningful name, followed by Enter
  • Change the Paper Size and Non-Printable Area (margins) as you wish. Choose User Defined from the Non-Printable Area dropdown to apply the margin settings in the edit fields below the dropdown to your new custom paper size. (If you select a printer in the Non-printable area dropdown, the margins will be set to the printer’s default margins.)
  • Click OK to save the new entry
  • Print the document.

Your new paper size will be available in other applications as well.

This procedure is available from many apps, but some apps modify the Print dialog so that Paper Size options are not accessible; in this case, choose choose File>Page Setup and in the Page Setup dialog that appears, click the Manage Custom sizes… dropdown and follow the rest of the steps above to manage (and select for use) custom page sizes & margin settings.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, DevonThink ignores the user-defined margins.