Change paginated PDF page size when capturing a web page to DEVONthink

When I capture a web page through the DEVONthink browser extension or DEVONagent and convert it into a paginated PDF, the pages in the resulting PDF all end up as US Letter size. Is it possible to change the page size of the paginated PDF file (e.g., to A4 or A3 size)?

If this is not possible, I hope there could be a feature update to add a setting in either DEVONthink or DEVONagent.

The default page size of the system should be used. What’s selected in System Preferences > Printers & Scanners?

Following up on this, is it possible to have a separate option for page size? I do not want to mess up the system printer default setting. I use DT as a database for my readings, which syncs with a A5 e-reader. So it would be nice to set the default page size to A5 only in DT.

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Does changing the page setup (see File menu) make a difference?

File > Page Setup affects Data > Convert > to PDF (Paginated).

Printing to PDF from an application requires you set the page size in the print dialog of that application.

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Thank you. This helped me.

I have some trouble getting the PDF (Paginated) to size properly.
Seems to be difficult to size the window perfectly to a sheet of paper and get the scaling perfect. I wonder if there might be a way to do a preview mode since my DT3 window size may change and I don’t really know how to set it precisely depending on the task I am performing. I drag the window borders around a bit and it changes how the PDF looks.

So, very helpful to know I can get the sizing configured using Page Setup, but frustrating to not be able to see the results before taking a capture. I found my best option was to open the web page, try a capture and open a second DT3 window so I can quickly preview the results. Once I get the page setup and the DT3 window adjusted, I can start capturing rapidly the pages on the web site and they look great.

Glad it was helpful.
Thanks for the comments. We’ll have a think on it.