Change Services menu item into icon?

I’m liking the new HotService and how it moves the Service menu to the menubar, but I’d really like to save some space. I noticed that there is a spiffy looking icon inside of the HotService bundle, but can’t figure out how to enable this.

Is it possible to use this icon? Or was this left in the bundle by accident?


What kind of Hot Services Menu Item are we talking about, please? Can’t seem to find it in the preferences…

Or is this also one of the ominous features of as-yet unavailable DevonThink Pro, which everyone on this board seems to use except me?

In addition to the suite of commercial applications, DEVONtechnologies also makes available a set of shareware/freeware application and utilities. “HotService” is one of those utilities.

Wow! Thanks for the info!

I can’t remember when I checked out the shareware/freeware area on the web site, but I must have overlooked it.