Change Sorter Note Background color

Hi there,

I’m attempting to create a quick note using the Sorter, but both the background and the text are black, and thus “invisible”. How does one change the color of the Sorter’s background color? If I right-click on the text field (and I’m in DT3), I can select the Font panel, and change the color of the font, but not the background of the Sorter. If I go to Preferences -> Sorter, I don’t see an option for the background color.

If I go to Preferences -> General -> Appearance, there’s a box for background of documents, but I can’t uncheck it.


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  • Did you switch from dark to light mode?
  • Have you used any dark mode utilities?
  • Does this persist after a machine reboot

Hey Jim,

This issue is happening on my MacBook Pro, and I hadn’t used it for a few days, so it may have been in Dark Mode the last time that I used it, but it’s currently in Light Mode. I don’t have any other utilities installed.

I quit DT3, and relaunched it. That fixed the issue with the Sorter.


I periodically run in to the same problem. It is not clear to me what triggers this behavior - I am not switching dark to light mode, nor do I use any dark mode utilities. Quitting and restarting DT3 is the only solution I have come up with. I am running Mojave on a 2018 iMac

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@rpor @kappabear I haven’t yet been able to reproduce this issue however the “Use dark background for documents” preference would not have any effect in the Sorter as it currently does not use that value. That preference is also only applicable to dark mode, hence it is disabled in light mode.

I am having the same issue occasionally. I have never used dark mode. Catalina with all updates, DNT 3.5.2

Hi Having the same problem.

I am having the same issue occasionally.

Can you clarify "occasionally ?

I can’t detect a pattern just yet. I use the sorter to clip from Safari, Reeder, and some other programs. Sometimes it goes away if I clip screen selections and move back to clipping text, or if I switch from MD format to bookmark clipping. I never had that before 3.5.2. I keep you posted if I can pinpoint it in more detail.

The same has occurred a number of times for me. Close and relaunch DT clears the issue.

Do you already use version 3.6.3?

I previously had the sorter background stuck on “dark” (with dark text!) Cycling the system manually to dark mode > light mode > auto cleared it.


I’m seeing the issue today. Switching between Dark, Light, Auto had no affect but when in Dark Mode it works. Switching to Light and Auto, goes black.

I did not try re-booting just now as in the middle of a long-running process. So I’m running machine in Dark mode until the reboot test. (although re-booting shouldn’t be the fix for this, as you can appreciate!)


FYI, I changed to “Light” Appearance (what I always run), confirmed Sorter still black (but worked if Appearance was Black). Then rebooted into “Light”. Sorter working properly.

Mac OS 11.2.2 DEVONthink 3.6.3