Change storage location for Index

Hi there,

DevonSphere Express is consuming too much of my disc space. The reason is that it needs a lot of space for its index. Is there a chance to move the index to another storage location (e.g. external disc)? If this is possible: what happens if the storage location is not available when DS is started?

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You could replace the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONsphere Express with an alias/symbolic link. But the target of the alias/symbolic link has to be available while launching DEVONsphere Express.

Hello Christian,

Thanks a lot for your answer but the solution you suggested does not work. DevonSphere creates the folder at the old location automatically. Alias is ignored by the App.


Though I am not an advocate of doing what you’re doing (aliasing App Support stuff), you need to alias the Index folder, not the DEVONsphere Express folder.
I just tested it out and it’s working as Christian described.

Well… i discovered that the mistake was on my side. After creating the Alias you have to rename it and take the “Alias” out of its name.

So for those being as “excellent” as me:

  • Stop DevonSphere if it is working
  • Create a Alias for the Folder which you want to move
  • Move the folder by copying it with CMD+C and inserting it at its destination with CMD+ALT+C (for alternative ways pls check the Web)
  • Check if your ALIAS points to the new destination via context menu (right click > Information > Original). If it does not correct it with the button shown under Original (don’t know what it shows in the English version)
  • After that delete the Folder that you’ve created the Alias from in the old location (i.e. DevonSphere Express)
  • Rename the Alias by deleting the Alias in its name so it has the same name as the original folder
  • Start DevonSphere and check if it does work without creating a folder in the old location and / or asking for the registration info