Change style of clutter-free PDFs?

I have been using the Sorter to capture webpages from Chrome. When I capture them as a clutter-free PDF (paginated) or Rich Text, the text in the resulting file is huge (Arial 16pt). Is there a way to reduce this, by default?


Not at this time, no.

Just curious: is there a reason the default text size (especially for paginated PDFs) is so huge (at least to my eyes)?

Here’s a the first page of a PDF I just generated with the sorter:

I didn’t write the code, so I don’t know why the styling choices were made.

A preference or better an option to use custom css would be nice here.

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I find that the current super-large text that gets generated for clutter-free PDFs and RTFs makes this feature hard to use, so I’ll make a feature request for some change to this:

  • simply have a smaller default text size
  • or better yet, offer a way to specify the sizes of the key elements (body, link, headline) via preference or stylesheet

In the meantime, I made a quick applescript to resize the text of sorter-generated RTF documents into some more readable:

tell application id "DNtp"
	tell text of think window 1
		set size to 11 --font size for all body copy
		set size of paragraph 1 to 9 --smaller font size for the link
		set size of paragraph 2 to 18 --larger font size for the headline
		set {line spacing, paragraph spacing, minimum line height, maximum line height} to {3, 7, 0, 0, 0}
	end tell		
end tell