Change the default zoom for PDFs in the Devonthink preview window

In Devonthink 3, whenever I select a PDF to open in the preview window, it’s zoomed in a little too much. How can I set the default zoom for this window? I don’t want to have to manually zoom every time I open a PDF.

There is no default magnification for PDFs.

You can choose these options in Preferences > Files > Multimedia > PDF Display

Single Page = Zoom to Fit
Single Page Continuous = Zoom to Width

If you deselect the option, the PDF displays Actual Size.

Thanks @BLUEFROG. I just want the PDF to open very slightly smaller in width than the width of the viewing window. So it’s not possible to set a default zoom in this way? There is also no zoom slider for viewing the PDF in this window, like there is for the PDF list when in thumbnail mode. A zoom slider would be extremely helpful!

Sorry but no there’s no default magnification setting, only the options I mentioned.
The request is noted.