Change the size of the search results thumbnails?

I’ve dug around quite a bit in the Taking control book (GREAT resource for a new user btw!) as well as digging in the UI myself with no luck. One of the things we’re using it for is a ready access for images we’re using for articles, the source we’re getting the images from uses a format that iPhoto can’t handle without us processing each and every one first, so DT is filling yet another niche for us :slight_smile:.

Problem is, when you run a search (I’m putting highly descriptive text in the spotlight comments) the result set shows you thumbnails that are sooooo tiny on my screen that it’s very hard to tell what they are? Pretty sure this is either REALLY easy to fix or impossible, but I’d be much obliged if someone can tell me which? And how if it’s doable?



There’s not a way to change the size of the icons in a search results list.

However, here’s a trick that may be useful. Use the full Search window (Tools > Search) and carry out your query.

There’s a small “+” symbol to the right of the query field. Click that to create a smart group containing the search results. Now switch to the Icon view in that smart group.

You may keep or delete the smart group afterwards, as you wish.