Change the Sort Order in the Tags Smart Group?

How are Tags under the SMART GROUPS heading sorted? Tag groups of bases don’t seem to follow any logical sort order and view option are greyed out.

They should be alphabetical by name as the default.

Thanks for your prompt reply, I think they should be too, but they are not.
I have about 20 databases and use tags in all of them but on DEVONthink to go the Tags Smart Group is a mess, on the desktop they are perfectly fine but not on mobile. I’ve tried to force the sort order and clean things up by reindexing, clearing caches, renaming tags, and creating new test databases and new tags but the list of tag groups (or database names) in DTTG Smart Groups is unordered. This is so frustrating, what am i missing?

What version of DEVONthink To Go are you running?

Version 2.7.9(16486) iOS 14

Is this a known bug with the latest version that I have and do I need to wait for the next release or is this honestly working for you on the same version?

Steps to recreate:

Create three new databases called db1, db2 and db3. Notice the order in which these new databases are stacked under the DATABASES heading (they are sorted alphabetically just as expected db1, db2, db3). Then go to “Tags” under the SMART GROUPS heading and notice the stacking order of the tag groups is db2, db1, db3.

Obviously it’s not possible to change the sort order of this view because the options are greyed out but purging, cleaning, re-syncing, hard resetting the device and even deleting and clean reinstalling the app haven’t made a difference.

Please can you explain this before I waste more time trying to do something that is perhaps not even meant to do.

It was unclear what you were referring to. Yes I see the behavior in the global smart group Tags in 2.7.9.

This is not the case in the internal beta of DEVONthink To Go 3.