Change to iCloud sync and delete Dropbox sync

Can anyone tell me if there is a simple step by step (idiots!) guide to changing from Dropbox syncing to iCloud sync … preferably with pictures :slight_smile:
Am looking for both Mac (DTProOffice) and iOS instructions if they exist.

I want to make the change due to having run out of space on Dropbox, so very important is that I can delete the data from dropbox once I am 1000000% sure it’s on iCloud.

Please open a support ticket ( - thanks.

Support ticket done. Will see what they say.

When I set up DevonThink a few months ago I chose Dropbox over iCloud because I was suffering from a very rare iCloud sync issue, which I believe to be resolved. Is opening a support ticket still the recommended first step to switching sync store to iCloud?


I would ask first if you actually need to use a remote sync option like iCloud.

RIght. A couple months ago you helped me with sync issues, and you asked me the same thing. Since then I have had to “clean” the sync locations again, presumably because I had DevonThink open on 2 computers at once, which is breaks remote sync?

My setup is this:
(1) High Sierra running iMac that lives at home with a big hard drive
(1) MacBookPro that goes with me to work and most places
(1) iPhone
(1) iPad Pro.

If it were just the two Macs, I’m sure I could make do with just bonjour sync, but I really would like to have access to my deep databases from my phone. Perhaps that’s too much to ask for, but that’s why I’m interested in remote sync. I have my phone set up to download files “on demand”. Is there a better way to set this up?

If using bonjour sync means I never have sync issues again, I’m sure I can split my databases in such a way that my phone can carry the files I need, but DT to go doesn’t seem to do background sync, so if I don’t remember to open it at home, which I wouldn’t typically need to do, the database on my phone would rarely be current.

Am I understanding the dynamics of sync correctly?


PS - I don’t have enough space on my laptop to be the “mother ship”