Change to Sorter/Copy Selection Hotkey?

I’ve been using a Keyboard Maestro macro to activate Pathfinder, locate the most recent file in my downloads folder, and then trigger DT’s Copy Selection Hotkey. Until recently, that made it easy to copy my most recently downloaded PDF into DT. Over the past few days, though, when I run the macro (or when I activate the Copy Selection Hotkey while I have a file selected in Pathfinder or Finder), the entry in DT ends up as just a single-paged, blank PDF (though the URL field in the sorter still points to the file location of the file I’d selected).

Did something in a recent DT update change the sorter’s behavior in a way that might be affecting this? If not, any suggestions for how to fix it?

I don’t think anything has changed with the Copy Selection Hotkey code recently. Whilst I don’t have Keyboard Maestro installed, I tried the copy selection hotkey with a PDF selected in PathFinder and that imported correctly. Which version of macOS are you running?

I updated to 11.2.3, and that seems to have solved the problem (at least for the moment). Apologies for not having done that first…

Glad it is working for you again.