Change what's substituted by the %content% placeholder?

I have a question about the DTPO facility FileExportas Website. If what you are exporting is a Group containing files (let’s say PDFs), the resulting website includes an index.html file that uses %content% as a placeholder, and the replacement for %content% has content like the following example for every file:

<div><font class="font0">	2.	</font><a href="./somefile.pdf"><font class="font0">sometitle 2016-06-07 </font></a></div>

That is, %content% is invoked for every file and the HTML that is generated contains an item number, a file link, and the title of the file. Is there a way to change this? In other words, can I control the text substituted by %content%? I looked through the manual and the existing templates, but haven’t find a solution so far.

It’s only possible to select a different template in the Export panel but you could duplicate & modify a template in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Websites.

Thanks for your reply. I’m aware of that, but changing the template can’t achieve the same results. I’m looking for a way to change what %content% turns into, not what it’s placed inside of.

It sounds like you’re saying that the expansion is hardwired, then?

The content replacing %content% is automatically generated and can’t be customized.