Changed Schema for the use of links in DTTG3?


I’m using “prism” (orig, not modified) to to pimp my markdown documents in DevonThink.
In each database I have a group “styles”, and inside this group are all prism files (*.js *.css).
For DT3 and DTTG2 it was ok, to put in the beginning of each markdown document:

<link href="/styles/prism-coy.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="/styles/prism-coy.js"></script>

Today I switched to DTTG3, and recognized, that the “absolut path” to the prism files is not working anymore. The prism files are not loaded/used.

If I replace the absolut path with the “devonthink internal reference” (in the German DT3 called “Verweis kopieren”) to this prism files, than it’s working again in DTTG3.

<link href="x-devonthink-item://A366AD08-DD36-4D01-A441-A713AC2D4796" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="x-devonthink-item://79748394-5A41-473E-9EEC-39C835DB27AA"></script>

Since one of the databases is synced with the DT3 of a Co-Worker, I 'm not sure about:

  • will the “devonthink internal reference” be the same on/in a synchronized database?
  • is it possible, to show the file, that is referenced in this “x-devonthink-item://xxx”? If I create the link/reference/verweis, mostly I can remember (I’m old). But if my Co-Worker is creating such a reference, how can I see where it is pointing to (or coming from)?

Is there any other way, to store the CSS stuff of prism inside(!) of the DT3/DTTG3 database? I want to avoid storing the files in the OS/Filesystem, because if i add/replace a prism file, than I always have to inform the Co-Worker about what I have changed in the OS, and he has to do the same. Storing inside of DT3 is much more easy, because its synced to his side…and I’m done :smile:

thanks for some input or new views

If you’re syncing the same database, the item links are the same in both machines.