Changes of File Names

I am coming across an issue several times related to the unwanted change of file names, and I would like to be able to sort it out and understand the behavior of DTPO. (Not a good day for me with DTPO because I just found out that about 9 figures went missing, and tracking them is not how I wanted to spend the next few weekends! This issue about the file names is of a different kind, but I would rather resolve it now, before I find myself in an unwanted situation.)

I have PowerPoint file which I have prepared for presentation A. This file is saved in a group or subgroup where I stored materials for said presentation.

Now I need to prepare another presentation, and want to start working from the PowerPoint file I have prepared for presentation A, but I want to preserve the Presentation A file intact as an archive.

What I usually do is drag the PPP file for Presentation A on the desktop, copy it and change its name. I usually finish the names of the files with today’s date, so in most cases, I would delete the previous date and write the new one. I would delete the old file from the desktop and place the newly named file in a new group for presentation B. To my (not so pleasant) surprise, however, the file of Presentation A is now also changed.

How do I sort this out? Even if the content of the files is exactly the same, I want them with different titles in different folders/ groups, and I do not want them to change automatically.

Are these powerpoint files indexed (the file stays on in the Finder folder with a link in DTP) or imported (the whole file is imported into the database – which is how your current setup sounds like it’s arranged)?

If the files are imported, then is there a reason you’re exporting then to the desktop to copy and rename? Normally you’d simply duplicate a file in Folder A (Data > Duplicate or cmd-D), rename one of the copies, then move it to Folder B. (You can also right click on the document then choose Duplicate To > Folder B and rename it afterwards). This creates an entirely new copy in the database so if you work on the one in Folder B (including renaming it) the original in Folder A remains unchanged. No need to leave DTP at all.

I frequently create new versions of PowerPoints. I also name files with the date at the end. So I might have

Explaining Perpetual Motion v4 20170801.pptx

in a database. I select that file. Press ⌘D to duplicate it, and get

Explaining Perpetual Motion v4 20170801 copy.pptx

and then I edit the Name (in one of the several ways available to DEVONthink users) to

Explaining Perpetual Motion v5 20170819.pptx

from there, I can move the new file to a different group, or I can use Open With to open it PowerPoint, edit it, save and close. There’s never a reason to export documents to the Desktop or someplace merely to copy and edit the documents.

DEVONthink does not on its own replace the content of one document with the content of another. Ever. Something else that has nothing to do with DEVONthink is going on. Some error in the file copying, editing, saving, or other user-controlled activity. DEVONthink merely stores documents – it doesn’t modify them.

Brookter, the files I am referring to are stored in DTPO, not on google drive or Dropbox, which is what I use, and then indexed. I will try the Duplicate option for sure. I drag the files I want to revise on the desktop because I thought that this is a good way to ensure that I am not confusing DTPO about the file.

Korm, that is how I am saving my files too in terms of the name and date at the end. If I can find what is causing this unwanted change of name, I will be pleased. It has happened on several occasions.

Are you replicating files?

Also, you have a confusion of terms. You talk about importing files but also indexing them. Can you clarify?