Changes to database, then reverting to previous machine state


I`m using one of my two DevonThink licence instances in a virtual machine the serve as i syncing hub for all my other devices(Laptop, tablet and phone). Im allways connected to my home network via VPN. So im able to do the syncing only over LAN. Mostly for security reasons, but also to be able to drop the fees that comes with cloud storage…

My virtual machine serves many purposes besides DT, but for reliability i have a stored machine state i revert back to once a week. The databases are stored on a separate partition that does not get affected by the restoring of the previous machine state.


  • Will this corrupt my database?
  • Does the changes and settings of managing the documents the previous week get stored inside the actual system, or is it all stored inside the database?

Thanks you so much. My academic life has become much more delightful after finding this incredible software!

Welcome @Stigolini and thanks for the nice comments.

if the databases aren’t restored, they should be fine.

  • Are you using our sync engine in DEVONthink?
  • Why are you doing this weekly restoration. It’s very unusual.

Ok, sweet!

  • I use bonjour within sync in devonthink yes
  • To be completely honest i use the rollbacks because i have some terminalcommands i entered, and forgot that resets on reboot. I just have a sheduled rollback instead of manually doing it if the computer crashes.