Changes to tagging views/functionality


I would like to see the following features for tagging in DEVONthink, essentially to help me organise tags:

  1. Whenever selecting a group the tags used in just that group are displayed in a panel.
  2. The ability to organise tags in groups/folders/some form or hierarchy. If i have a lot of tags it is a pain to have to search through them all to find the ones to use. i would like to organise tags according to subject matter.



Tags are groups (in the Tags group at the root of a database), and can be nested. For example, a tag “Alpha Tags” can have sub-tags “a”, “b”, “c”, and so forth. If you hoist the Alpha Tags group into its own window by double clicking it, you could use the Split view in that window to easily browse the documents tagged by anything in the Alpha Tag group, without focusing on unrelated material. Tags in one group of tags can also be replicated to other tag groups, so a tag can appear in the Alpha Tag group of tags, and in another group of tags.

You can create tags before you use them to tag documents. So, you could create your hierarchy of subject-matter tags inside the Tags group and use those tags later to tag documents. “Create a tag” in this context means using the Data > New > Group command while inside the Tags group at the root of the database.

Here’s a picture that might help:

Thanks Korm. I am getting my head more round tags now. The information you supplied does extend the use of tags for me. Once I have got my head round how all this works properly I will post any further ideas about improvements.

Having used tags a bit more I am clearer on the functionality I am looking for:

  1. The ability to select a tag in a database and have another view which is a list of all other tags associated with this tag, i.e. all tags used by documents that have the primary tag in.

  2. Similar to the above, for each group to have its own tags group, i.e. when you double click a group/tag to isolate it, you have a tags group/view for this group, the same as you do for each database.

I hope that’s clear!


Tags like aperture could be useful, a hud, a panel kinda like a mixture of iphoto 11 and aperture, separate from the group list on the left. part of a panel on the right that replaces the drawer (who uses them anymore?) :slight_smile: … quick tags, tag groups, and a tag entry field in that panel like the bottom aperture panel but on the right…