Changing Date Created

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am transitioning from Journler, so in DTPO I miss some features which I have taken for granted. (DTPO is indeed very liberating in many ways.)

One feature that I would really appreciate having is the ability to edit the Date Created. Sometimes I add an entry a day or two after I had the idea. And I would like to be able to put in the correct date and time. If a calendar is added in a future version of DTPO, then the ability to edit the date is going to be even more helpful. Thanks for considering it.

I have modified Christian’s change date script to change the creation date of any selected files. It should do what you want.

To install it

  • Open the scripts folder (from the script menu item - the little scroll)
  • Unzip the attached file

Change Creation (7.11 KB)

Thanks for posting this, Frederiko. I need a bit more direction on how to use this file.

When I click on it, it downloads and opens immediately. I saved it on the desktop, and then I click on the scripts icon > Open Scripts Folder > Change Creation Date.scpt > the file opens, and then what? I can run the script, clicking on the play button, but then I get a floating window asking me to enter a date. Is this the way it is supposed to work?

Sorry I was a bit brief. Here is a step by step explanation:

How to install

  • Download ‘Change Creation’ from the link. It will almost certainly be downloaded to your ‘Downloads’ folder. (Previously you save it to your Desktop which is fine too)
  • Open the ‘Download Folders’ (or the Desktop if you saved it there)
  • Double-click the file ‘Change Creation’ and it will be unpacked into a file called ‘Change Creation Date.scpt’ in the same folder as the .zip
  • Right click on ‘Change Creation Date.scpt’ and select ‘Copy’ from the popup menu.
  • Go to Devonthink
  • In the Devonthink Menu Bar there is a small black icon resembling a ‘scroll’ between the ‘Window’ and ‘Help’ menu.
  • Click the Scroll.
  • The first menu item is ‘Open Scripts Folder’. Click it.
  • A finder menu will open with the ‘Scripts’ folder highlighted.
  • Within the scripts folders you will see directories which correspond to the menu items in ‘Open Scripts Folder’.
  • Double click the ‘Dates’ directory.
  • Select Edit->Paste from the Finder menu bar to paste ‘Change Creation Date.scpt’ into the ‘Dates’ directory.

When you want to invoke the script, highlight the file or files you want to change the date of then select ‘Change Creation Date.scpt’ from the ‘Scroll’ ->Dates menu. When the popup window appears enter the creation date you want to apply to the file/s.


It’s possible to change the creation/modification date via the Info panel. However, multiple selections aren’t supported.

Thanks! That was helpful. I see how it works now.

It does not allow me to change the time, but it is a good alternative. I do hope that they make this an in-built feature of DTPO, not a script. In Journler, this feature is super easy: I just need to click on the date in the column where Date Created appears and I can change the date and time.

I really appreciate your help.