Changing default view of markdown files from "edit" to "preview"

Hello. I’m probably using the wrong language so apologies for this, I tried to find what I wanted to do in the manual but I don’t know what it is I’m looking for :roll_eyes:

At the moment I have the widescreen view. Most my notes are Markdown files, and in the third panel of the main view I have the editable “box” for the file with all the text and css. I’d like instead for DevonThink to show the coded version by default (the pretty “end result” rather than my css).

How do I do this please?

Welcome @MsLogica

You can set the default view (and other options) for Markdown files in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Files > Markdown.

:woman_facepalming: I went in that menu and completely missed that! Thank you!

Haha - no worries! Glad you have it sorted out now. :slight_smile: