Changing defaults in default RTF

How do I change elements like margins and spacing for the default RTF? I’d like a blank document that has my layout to be added when I click the ‘create new rich text’ button.

I’d also like to change the spacing and default icon for lists.

I’ve tried creating a template. Works fine until I enter a new line then it starts formatting the old way again.

Is there a way to access the default RTF and make these changes directly.

Format > Style > Styles > Add to Favorites is how you save a new style – includes the elements you listed.

On Mountain Lion it’s actually easier to do this in TextEdit because its style bar is much friendlier than DEVONthink’s. Create your styles in TextEdit, save them, and they will immediately be available in DEVONthink in the “Styles” pick list on the ruler.

I’ve tried that. It works until you use a list. When you enter a new line after a list it goes back to the default settings. How do I change the default?

If you are going to edit the file, open it in TextEdit instead.

Really? I’m not finding this happen over here.

Bill’s advice is of course the best. TextEdit will remain superior to DEVONthink’s editor for the time being as long as Apple makes it difficult for developers to use up-to-date features of the editing kit…