Changing/determining location of Files generated via "Create Link (Link erzeugen)"


Could not find anything on that topic. When I select text in an RTF, choose “Create Link” under “Format”, and klick that newly created link, a new RTF is created and shown in a new tab. However, I could not find out how to determine the group/location where that new files is stored. That make is somewhat cumbersome to find the newly created file and, hence to keep things organized.
I’d prefer to either be presented with a dialog where I can choose, or with the option to predefine the location or with the option to save the newly created file in the same group as the original file.
Possible that I missed some information about that. Then, it’s my fault!
Happy day and thanks for your wisdom!

The file is created in the same location as the file with the link.

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Thanks for your reply.
I can’t confirm that.
The file with the link is in Database/…1/…2/…3/…4/file
The file created from this file is in Database/…1/file
It seems to be very random to me.

Another example.


Did you edit the document in a main window or its own document window?

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Mostly in main window. Sometimes from the list in a window showing search results but typically in main windows.

The resulting linked rtf-files show up at totally random locations. Sample above. Source files are not anywhere close.

This is pretty tough to deal with as I have to search for the linked files and have to manually relocate them.

What would help, too, is, if there was a setting that the linked files inherit the tags from the source. That would put them in the right place when sorted by tags.

I’m using an alias as a mailto-adresse.That’s what confuses your system

Is the item replicated? At least some parent groups (see red names on screenshot) seem to be replicated.

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But the next maintenance release will improve this and make it more consistent.

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