Changing fonts in DTTG

How do I change font type in a Formatted Note in DDTG? Or is it predetermined?


On an iPad, the top row of the keyboard, tap on the “T” icon.

Currently, this is not possible to do. Text editing features and enhancements are on our list.

Sorry, I thought the OP was referring to rtf Files. Those you can edit fonts.

Actually, this is possible on the iPad…
IMG_A8B71E56D1D7-1 copy.jpg
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Is there a plan to add that editing bar (at the top of the keyboard) to the iPhone version? I find the version in Google Docs iPhone app to greatly fascilitate editing.

No concrete plans, no. However, text editing is high on our priority list. Cheers!

Has this been fixed? It doesnt seem like it has.

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