Changing highlighter colour in Markdown with CSS?

Hi, there have been previous threads on this but I think they were flagging bugs and also I didn’t understand the answers. So, my question is, is it currently possible to change the Highlighter colour that presents in the rendered pane for Markdown?

I’m using “==” to highlight, and do have a CSS stylesheet running. I can’t see that any code is set up for highlight text in my stylesheet, and I don’t know what code should be used if this is possible as the internet seems to offer up a few different solutions and I don’t know which is relevant to DT’s rendering of Markdown.

The DT default (I assume) is bright yellow, but it’s a bit painful to look at when it’s in big chunks. I don’t use a third party editor so my question is only what DT can process with a stylesheet.

See source of HTML conversion of Markdown document, the mark tag is used.

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Thanks Christian. It wasn’t working for ages but as far as I can tell the only thing that was wrong is that I hadn’t put a space before the closing bracket :roll_eyes: It’s now working as expected and I’m annoyed with myself!

For anyone not familiar with CSS, just insert this into your stylesheet

/*---Highlight---*/ mark { background-color:html colour code; }

You need to change html colour code to your colour of choice. A html colour code should look like this: #ff0000 (That’s red, probably an eyesore for your highlights, but you can use any colour in the whole world as long as there’s a html colour code for it. You can google to find a code chart).