changing label moves file

Every time I change a file’s label (color), the files moves itself upwards in the hierarchy. Anyone else having this problem?


What is “upwards” - one position - ten? What view are using? What is the sort setting?

If I add, change or remove a label, that doesn’t affect the sort order (e.g., by Modification Date) of a document. Nor does that action affect the group location of a document.

Are you perhaps looking at a Smart Group based on Label? That has nothing to do with the organizational hierarchy of a database.

I see. When I do ANYTHING with the contextual menu that pops up, DT tries to move the file (the one clicked-on) to the position of the mouse pointer.

Every time. It’s been this way for a while.

I’m using:
DevonThink Pro 2.5
OS X 10.7.5

The current version of DEVONthink is 2.6.1. Please update the application and see if the problem still occurs.

Are you using a laptop? On some trackpads there are gestures that will seem to grab an item like a document in a file list and not let it go. “Three finger drag” is one of those. It’s possible to open the contextual menu with the “secondary click” gesture and then morph that into “three finger drag” and inadvertently move an object. If you are using a trackpad, check your trackpad settings and turn off some of these gestures – or switch temporarily to a mouse – to see if anything improves.