Changing PDF page breaks

Hi -

I pull in a lot of web content from Safari using the DT PDF (paginated) command.

Occasionally an image will be split across two pages.

Is there anyway to correct this?

I could not find a way to “force” a page break in a PDF…

Many thanks,

No, not that I’m aware of.

Workarounds would be to capture as 1-page PDF, or as WebArchive.

I prefer capturing only a selected area of a page, so that I can eliminate extraneous content on a page. Doing that sometimes results in a huge saving in file size. More importantly, it improves the effectiveness of searches and See Also and Classify.

After selecting the desired content on a page I’ll press Command-) to capture as rich text or Command-% to capture as WebArchive. As these commands invoke Services, they don’t work in Firefox or Chrome. They do work in Safari, DEVONagent Pro and the DEVONthink browser.