Changing Safari Bookmarklet destination

I am new to using DevonThink Pro and I really like the Safari bookmarklets (I copied the javascript into Camino and it works fine). What I’d like to do is change the destination in DVP for the web links and archives. Currently, the files go to the top level, but I would like to have them go to an “Inbox” group. Anyone know how to do this (I can deal with AppleScript, but don’t know anything about javascript)? Thanks.


It’s not yet possible to modify bookmarklets that way. But there are two other possible solutions:

  1. In the Preferences > Import panel, set the destination for new notes to your inbox

  2. You could modify the scripts for Safari

Thanks! I didn’t know that I could change the destination - that works for me. I still have a lot more to learn about DevonThink Pro!