Changing the extension hidden property of a file after importing that file into DEVONthink

First a quick description of my context.

I have an AppleScript that loads a number of Numbers spreadsheets stored inside DEVONthink based on a specified tag. The windows are then merged, also within the script. I later reference the tabs in the merged window. The tab name shown either includes the “.numbers” extension or not based on the file “extension hidden” property in Finder. I ran in to a problem matching names which boils down to whether the underlying file has it’s extension set to show, or not, in Finder.

Here’s what I am trying to accomplish

I would like to have all of my spreadsheets have their “extension hidden” be true, but I have imported Numbers spreadsheets with only some of them having their extension set to hidden. I would like to change the rest after the fact.

… and finally the question

My question is, would it be safe to use “Show in Finder” to reveal the spreadsheet, then manually change its extension setting using the Finder Info panel.

As a follow up, if that is safe, could I also use AppleScript (something like … tell application Finder to set extension hidden of thisSpreadsheet to true) without problems?


I did something similar here without problems and @BLUEFROG commented on this so I would consider it safe.

So I don’t think changing extension hidden via Finder AppleScript would be a problem.

Thanks @pete31 - I missed your thread when I was looking for something similar and your script will prove helpful.

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